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3rd July to 7th July 10am AEST, 2nd July to 6th July 8pm EST

Paradigm Shift Institute

Do you know you can never outperform your own self Image?

Do you also know that science and psychology have isolated the one prime cause for success or failure in life? It is the hidden self-image, or the way you see and think of yourself.

So, guess what? By remaking your hidden self-image for success, you will remake your entire life!

Join Anu Wadhwa Saini and her elite team as they show you how to become a winner in all areas of your life!

Would you like to live like a consistent winner? Then you must enrol in Anu Wadhwa Saini’s Millionaire Self-Image Challenge and find out how to think and act from an abundant millionaire mindset.

This 5-Day Virtual Event is engaging and inspiring and will show you the way to become the better and best version of yourself.
This is your time to experience radical transformation!!

How did the Millionaire Self- Image challenge come about?

I am Anu Wadhwa Saini, and after years of coaching people around the world on how to achieve their dream lives, I knew I could be more and have more so I began applying my late mentor, Bob Proctor’s, teachings and I am grateful to share that I am now one of his top 1% Global Consultants.

It has been an exciting journey so far, with how I was able to overcome my own life challenges, turning my income from $12 a month to 6 figures, and then, watching my annual income evolve into a monthly and even weekly income at times!

One of the major shifts I had to make was in my self-image paradigm and I am ready to share these secrets with everyone.

For these 5 days, we are going to share stories and insights so you can join us on the winning millionaire mindset path. I assure you that you will enjoy a boost in self-confidence that will help you along the journey of becoming your very best self.
Here is the way..

The Millionaire Self-Image Challenge with Anu Wadhwa Saini
You will absolutely love this FREE virtual event that promises to bring you the radical transformation you seek.

Imagine being more productive and ultra-confident…

  • Thinking like a Millionaire
  • Feeling like a Millionaire
  • Acting like a Millionaire
  • Becoming a Millionaire!

Join me and my elite team and experience that best version of yourself you have been yearning to meet!!

Join the Millionaire mindset community:

The event will hold in the Paradigm Shift Institute Facebook Group so do register below with the link so you can join this amazing community.

Millionaire Self Image Challenge

The event will be for about an hour for 5 days, 3rd July – 7th July (AEST).

The content will be available from 10am AEST onwards each day and the replay will be accessible up until 9th
July, in the group.

You are encouraged to do each daily assignment for the best outcomes.

Please find the timings below:
3rd -7th July: 10am AEST; 1am Nigerian Time; 2am South African Time; 5.30 am IST
For EST (US) attendees:
2nd – 6th July: 5pm

See you then!

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